Just Like Mom Crafts

just a girl making crafts like her mom


Welcome to Just Like Mom Crafts! And yes, I make crafts just like my mother & grandmother before me.

I grew up with a mother who was always making something whether it was clothes, prom dresses, purses, quilts. I remember going to craft shows as a kid and always selling little pipe cleaner creations like a turkey pin at Thanksgiving.  But I rebelled throughout my teen years. It was all well and good for my mom to sew up my custom drawn prom dress but I wasn’t getting into that myself.

After many unsuccessful attempts by my mom to get me into the “creative realm” of sewing and crafting, she backed off. I mean my sister used to tease me by telling me I was just like my mother!!  I wanted nothing to do with it.

Fast forward many years – college was over and I found myself working for a pattern design company. And then a few months later, it finally happened.  My mother gave me a sewing machine. I didn’t want it but I had to make clothes for work.  Sewing had become part of my job so I couldn’t fight it anymore.  Well, guess what? I loved it AND I was good at it. Who knew? Well then came the serger and the fashion addiction followed closely by the fabric collecting.  And working in the industry didn’t help my habits.

So it happened…the long predicted become my mother. But what I found out was that that was okay. I’m not only coming to terms with it, I’m proud of it. I can finally stand up and say “I’ve become my mother and I’m okay with that!”

So my grandmother also gave me a little something – crocheting and my LOVE of yarn. Dare I say it’s worst than my fabric collecting. I’m a yarn-aholic! I can knit and crochet (thanks Aunt Mary).  I’ve made blankets and scarves for all my family and most of my friends.

So Just Like Mom Crafts began. It’s my outlet for being creative. It keeps me sane and gives me a sense of identity. It gives me a connection to my past that I will keep with me forever. I’ve lost my grandmother – but from her memory Maggie’s Gifts was born. It’s a little project I’m continuing to work on that accepts donated yarn which is then knit or crocheted into blanket, hats, scarves or shawls for nursing homes. I also now lead a prayer shawl ministry at my church – Living Water Christian Church (www.livingwaterchristian.org). Donations accepted.

I don’t specialize in anything – I’m a Jill-of-all-trades and master of none as they say. I love to make fashion accessories and jewelry, but you’ll see lots of recycled and refashioned items also. And please, please request anything you would like! I’ll probably do it.

Thanks for stoping by and sign up for my email so you can see all that going on!


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