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How much is it worth?

on September 30, 2011

I hate pricing my stuff! I drift back and forth between thinking I’m charging too much and not enough. I’m an intelligent woman and you’d think there would be some magic formula (some people think there is!) out there I could find that would tell me an exact number but no such luck. You know something like cost doubled plus a half times your time…really? No one said higher level math was required.

The real problem is that I’m trying to put a price tag on myself. I put thought and time and a bit of myself into what I do…what’s the margin on that? Maybe going deeper it’s that I don’t value my effort as much as I should. I can’t stop thinking no one will want it or no one will like it as much as I do. So why do I do this? Why do I create all this fun stuff if it’s also creating stress?

With that mind I spent tonight making necklaces the pleased me with no thought to how much money they would bring or how good it would sell. I just created and enjoyed!! How freeing that was. Making something that pleases me. I looked down and thought – That is beautiful. That does not at all look like something a young girl in a green jumper would make at a meeting (girl scout reference ladies)!!It looked like…dare I say artistic? Maybe.

AND btw…I think the charm necklaces will be $10 and they come with a ball chain. 😉


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